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Where could I get this kit from? I checked the site but didn't see anything about it?
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    Oh wow, 400$. What exactly does it come with, looks like a few books and some boxes which contain...software?
    Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence. -Dawkins

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    Labs and tools listen in the exam objectives. I'm sure others here can fill you in on the exact contents, and I think it has been mentioned in several other posts in this forum as well. But I agree, $400 makes it kinda expensive.
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    I recently took and passed the CEH exam.

    There are now some alternatives to EC-Council's CEH kit:

    1. Exam Prep 2 CEH study guide


    I used the above. It was very good and cheap.

    2. CBT Nuggets CEH video


    This one cost some serious cash. I think you can just use the Exam Prep 2 book and do well. if you have a buddy that will loan you the CBT Nuggets video or you can get it on Ebay for a serious discount than it might be worth it.

    3. Cramsession / PrepLogic mega study guide and test kit


    The free cramsession study guide goes well with Exam Prep, if you are trying to keep the price down.

    PrepLogic also has a CEH video. I thought the PrepLogic video SUCKED. it appears to be a remake or remarketed version of LearnKey's hacking video. I think PrepLogic's video is only worth it if you can buy it for a discount on Ebay, have your job buy it, or you can get it from a friend.

    4. Boson CEH test prep


    I thought Boson's CEH test prep was the best. I thought PrepLogic's CEH prep was only so-so. The Boson one was closer to the real exam and there is a link to it on EC-Council's website. There is also a test prep with Exam Prep too.

    5. Hacking Exposed.

    Everybody knows that book. Exam Prep 2 CEH book covers a lot of the same material, but is more focused on the CEH.

    6. Gray Hat Hacking book


    Great book but a bit advanced. Its almost like the book to use AFTER you passed the CEH. If you have everything else, than I don't think you need this for the CEH, but you may want to get anyway because it has a lot of good material to learn from.

    7. Anti-Hacker Tool kit


    Highly recommend getting this book if you are studying for the CEH.
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    i have the Official CEH book, already placed order for the Exam Prep 2 CEH study guide .

    i advice to read the book first then you can use the CBT martial or any test prep.

    Thanks icon_idea.gif
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    Hi Guys,

    First of all, very nice forum with extremely useful information/resources.

    I have a question regarding the EC Council Self Study material for CEH.
    As you all know that the official coursematerial v4.1 (2005 release) is $400 and that is too costly for me considering that the certification exam itself is gonna cost me $250. I have already ordered the 2 books suggested in this thread (Exam Prep 2 CEH study guide and Anti-Hacker Tool kit), but i have read in many related threads that CEH official self-study coursematerial provides you all the information that is required to be fully prepared, and it is good to have it.

    Is it possible to get the Self-Study material (v4.1 2005 release) from one those who has already appeared for CEH certification and willing to sell his/her material. That would be really helpful.

    Moreover i already have a CEH self study guide (v3.0) which has around 578 odd pages all containing ONLY slides. Does that material still holds good?

    Hope to get some kind of help on this.

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    Well i can provide u the whole CEH toolkit (Full CEh official coursematerial v6.1 ) for 200$s only.
    Genuinity can be checked. It would contain all tools, tricks, tutorials, hacks, softwares, ebooks , virtualisation softwares. Whole size is of 15 gb approx, comes in four part.

    Anybody interested, cnotact me at [email protected].
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    Sounds like a torrent to me... which you can get for free, if you trust the uploader...

    (I am not encouraging, just the opposite in this case.)

    Mr.Man, look on Ebay, and our For Sale thread here. (in the off topic forum.)
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    4 year old thread....
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