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I was setting up a test lab with four switches, all in the same VTP domain. one server and three VTP clients.
I forgot to check the Configuration Revision on all the other switches, and the server got overwritten by one of the client who got the higher CR number then the server. :)

Transparent mode seems to make more sense, maybe its better to use that instead of the client?


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    you should always check the vtp settings on a switch before adding it to a network.

    one thing you could do is make sure it is in transparent mode.

    but putting the switch into transparent mode from server mode, then putting it back into server mode, reset the revision to zero. or, change the vtp domain name to a nonexistent domain, then change it back to the original name.

    whichever you choose, just be sure to verify the zero before you proceed.
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    And for this very reason is why we have VTP v3, and why Cisco recommends either Transparent mode or just turn the bloody thing off.

    Thankfully, this was just in the lab icon_thumright.gif

    As a side note, one thing I did notice and made a written note of, is the the config revision does not update/increment when a vlan is shutdown, but it does increment when the state is changed (ex. #vlan 100 ; #state suspend/active). Just a wee tidbit :)
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  • Mr.NetworkMr.Network Posts: 117Member
    yes, have to be careful when adding new switches to the network, VTP v3 got "Primary server" mode, and he is the only one who can overwrite. So I'm going for v3 :)
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