Moving from an IT support job in london to a cloud job

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Whats the easiest way for me to do this if im in a 1/2nd line position in london. Should I go for 1 or all of the AWS associate certifications and then go to an interview or 2 and sell myself. What do i need to start a career in the cloud.


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    What part of the "cloud" do you want to work in? There's a large amount up there :) Whilst it's not iron that you own, there's still storage, networking and compute to manage so do you want to generalise in all of them or be a master in one? There's also several choices out there with AWS, Azure and Google being the main players. In my opinion, you're still going to need basic networking (CCENT), linux (Linux+) and after that some general knowledge about the actual environment you're working on.

    Edit: in addition to that, there are tools like chef/puppet/ansible/opsworks that enable large scale deploys/managing with little effort so efficiency is a big thing in cloud also.
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