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Ok. I gave a practice test away (like candy on halloween) a week or so ago. I have another GCIH practice test that I don't need. I was holding on to it because I actually paid for it. So it has sentimental value and a financial attachment. Reply (to this post) with a good reason you want/need it and if the reason is sufficient I'll PM you requesting your account id within the next 24hrs. If you don't get a PM within the next 24hrs I unfortunately didn't pick you. If I log on and see a PM you are automatically disqualified. I am going to bed..


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    I have the test schedule for next month and would definitely love an extra practice test! icon_pumpkin.gificon_rabbit.gificon_mike.gif
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    I have the test schedule for next month and would definitely love an extra practice test! icon_pumpkin.gificon_rabbit.gificon_mike.gif

    Pretty much the same reason as I. lol
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    Me pls. I really need the boost as I feel like I am not technical enough. icon_study.gif
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    I already took and passed the exam, but I never turn down a sweepstakes. icon_lol.gif
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  • hangmanhangman Member Posts: 9 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hello, I just took the GCIH Monday and failed. I would like to have the extra practice test so I can prepare and retake the test by end of Nov.
  • GirlyGirlGirlyGirl Member Posts: 219
    I apologize, the practice test has been sent to a new owner.


    I will give you some beneficial advice, based on my experience and training. You will find similar advice on these forums. Make your index with Word|Book|Page Number|Description. I had a binder separated with several sections words, commands, tools, checklists, and ports. The checklist was worthless, I didn't flip to it once. Nothing against the checklists though. Maybe I understood the material. People frown upon the number of entries but I don't think it matters. I had a lot of entries in my index. I passed I don't care if you have 500 entries of 1500 whatever helps you to pass. The listing the description technique saved me time on my exam by at times finding the answers just by looking at the index. Finding the book and flipping through pages wipes away time off of the clock. The secondary recommendation is to actually understand the material. If you understand the material you won't have to result to touching the index/books (as much). I literally read the books three times. Last piece of advice, index every command and every tool mentioned in the books. Honestly I skipped the Linux section, might of spent 2 minutes looking at it. But I don't suggest skipping anything. Unless you have a solid foundational in it.

    As you can see from searching the forms and in my world, base your exam off the practice test. My exam score was 9 points higher than my practice test score. Another piece of advice. Spend the most time (researching) on the first 100 questions. I went through the books more in the first half of the exam searching for the right answer than the second half. Not because I didn't know the answer more so because I wanted to be 100% sure it was the answer so if I clicked CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC on the last 15 questions I would still pass. I don't suggest that method though. Once I got at 100 questions and had a XX I knew I was going to pass. Unless I was a complete idiot I felt I could get some wrong and still have a good cushion to pass based on mathematics.

    Ok, last piece of advice. The material at the bottom of the slides are testable. Technically it's in the book. I found several answers that were underneath the slides. That, if you hadn't indexed the below material you stood the change of obtaining a wrong answer for those questions.
  • hangmanhangman Member Posts: 9 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for your great advice!
  • superstarmdsuperstarmd Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Found great advice from here. Thank you GirlyGirl. Just another question, is the progression bar still there? As I am taking the exam soon and was told the bar is no longer there to tell how many marks you got each 15 questions...
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