Best upgrade path?

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I passed 70-680 a few years ago. I am now wanting to upgrade this certification to Windows 8 and then Windows 10. My question is:

Is this certification even eligible for an upgrade anymore? I've asked Microsoft and I'm currently waiting on a reply.

What is the best path to take? I assume getting 70-685 or 686 to obtain the full MCTS, and then taking 70-689 to upgrade that to an MCSA: Windows 8, and then passing 70-697 would qualify myself as MCTS: Windows 7 certified, MCSA: Windows 8 and MCSA: Windows 10 certified. Is this correct?

My logic might be a bit off because I would essentially be getting the benefit of taking 6 certifications while only taking four (two for 7, the upgrade to 8, and then the upgrade to 10).


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    I am about to take my 70-680 here soon. I also wondered the upgrade path for MCSA.

    I was thinking of going the windows 10 exam route from 70-680. Then moving onto windows server certifications. Considering server 2016 is dropping...

    Or do I have to get windows 8 exams first. then windows 10 to accomplish it?

    They make is confusing.
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    It's silly that the only upgrade to W10 currently is with 2 W8 certs, but not 7. Personally, I have the 680 and 685 but I have no desire at all to take any W8 test, so I'm going straight to 70-697, then will tackle the 698.. 2 tests for MCSA
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