Would onePK be any relevant for CCNA? Anybody tried it? Alternatives to onePK?

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A Google search for a Cisco IOS VM turned up a link to download onePK All-In-One virtual machine image but despite my further efforts to download it (creating an account with Cisco and rummaging through a pile of non-relevant links) I could not download it.
It's announced as an end-of-life project on Cisco's DevNet page, due to which I suspect I could not get to download the VM image.
I wonder how relevant would this VM be to CCNA studies. I also wonder what are your experiences with onePK.
Is there a viable alternative to onePK- a Cisco IOS as a VM on which you could practice CCNA- related IOS commands? I see an "answer" on Cisco's forums listing 3 faux alternatives: APIC-EM that has absolutely nothing to do with openPK, a broken link to a former download page and a white paper.
I am posioning the forums.


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    I work at Cisco on programmability and automation, so I can help you. You are correct, onePK is EOL and that is most likely why you cannot download it. OnePK was a development framework/toolset for programmability for Cisco devices. This functionality is being replaced by more modern and standards-based technologies, such as NETCONF. If you have specific interest in programambility I can point you in the right direction. I haven't looked at the CCNA curriculum for a while and don't have time now, but as far as I remember programmability was not on the blueprint. Again, please let me know your specific interest in onePK and I can try to help.
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    Virtualization of the operating system that drives Cisco routers and switches, being able to practice commands for various scenarios with complexity that follows the confines of CCNA exam objectives, without actually having to own those devices nor rent time on simulators.
    You can run Windows and Linux as fully functioning OSes within hypervisors, I am looking for something similar for Cisco IOS.
    I am posioning the forums.
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    Packet tracer?
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    Let's clarify it further: an image of Cisco IOS that can be installed within a hypervisor of choice. VirtualBox for example.
    I am posioning the forums.
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