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Hello guys, i have just passed icnd1 exam (actually a month ago),i didn't really kicked ass on exam, but it was OK since i took my chances because of 2,0 exam deadline and i have spend so much time and money on books, i didn't want to go trough same stuff with 3.0 exam.
I learned it on my own, i have read Odom and anthony sequeira + their supplemented videos and some cbt nuggets.

Now the career part, there are probably many questions of this type here on the forum, it is pretty long, but i would really appreciate if you could give me your opinion on this.

I'm 21,mostly interested in security, linux and networks, so i'm going afer something like network administration and network security to be precise, i come from a country that isn't very well developed and there isn't much jobs like this, but i'm considering moving to Canada/Australia/New Zeland in a few years, of course those are just my wishes and it depends on lot of things, first being to get a job in sone of those countries.
I have finished secondary school and being familiar with system and learning program in faculties in my area, i choose not to become student and to get a job instead, nothing serious or related to any of this, just something to pay my bills and sponsor learning materials/certificates. I know that if i became a student in one of those faculties, i wouldn't get much knowledge, i would only get a degree- just some paper which doesn't mean anything to me if it doesn't come bundled with knowledge, and i'm pretty sure that some Canadian company (for example) wouldn't pick me because of my bachelor's deegre from Bosnia. so i choose to go after certificates instead, and i'm financing them by myself since here companies doesn't want to pay anything for their employees.
Now since you know the whole story and my wishes, what would you recommend to me to go after, i have ccent, if i don't get cisco cyber ops schoolarship, i will continue after ccna R&S than probably cyberops and CCNP, but i'm not sure if CCNP is a wise option since i don't have any official experience in networking or security, i would try to buy networking lab so i can get hands-on, but again.. i'm not sure with that,
also what do you think it would be wise after that, would rhcsa/rhcse be good in combination with ccna/ccnp R&S+ cyber ops CCNA?
Also am i thinking that those certs are more valuable than they really are? since i didn't go after bachelor's and have only secondary school degree, i my view, certificates are the only option to stand out while trying to get a job.
Besides cisco certificates, what would you suggest me to go afer? i see most of security certificates require that candidate has few years of experience in that field, what would be a great place to start for someone interested in networking, security and linux?

If you have read all the way to this, i would like to hear your opionion and to thank you!


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    You want pure ROI? Either finish your CCNA, get into a NOC, then go straight for the CISSP. It will take a couple months, but it'll be the last cert you wil need for awhile. Realistically, what most people do is to just go straight for the Security+, get their foot in a SOC, then CEH > CISSP. You are self funding, so I imagine you want to make this as cheap a process as possible, I just don't know how patient you might be to dive into security directly.

    To reiterate

    CCNA > NetAdmin/Engi Job > CISSP


    Security+ > SOC/Jr Sec Job > CISSP

    The most important factor is to get enough certification to get you into a role that provides you/your resume the relevant experience needed to grow into it and maybe get certs/training paid for.
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    Who doesn't? :)
    Thank you for taking your time to read my post and to reply,
    I'm patient enough because of the situation, basicly, here where i live i can't get hired in anything related to networking/security, so for the next 2-3 years until i can move somewhere else(or sooner if i'm able to find job online which i doubt i can) best i can do is spend that time to learn and maybe get some certs, but of course i don't want to throw my money and get every cert possible, CCNA/sec+ are financially possible, but if i recall correctly, CEH and CISSP are much more expensive, also CISSP(and probably CEH too) requires 5 years of related experience if i'm right? Also no volounteering here is possible, i tried with the leading ISP and telecom, no luck, so related experience is something i can't get while i'm here..
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    daxoncro wrote: »
    CEH and CISSP are much more expensive

    I guess it depends on what your idea of expensive is. both exams run $600 for the certification exam, but the materials to pass the exams can be obtained from 3rd party sources for around $100. GIAC certification exams on the other hand run $1,149 and material to pass the exams are hard to come by without taking an official SANS course which cost as much as a good used car.
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    You are right, that is 50% more than my monthly paycheck, but ok, it's doable in a few months, on the other hand, GIAC isn't atm. But still there is probably no way for me to take those cert without related job experience.. So i should probably stick to those certs that don't require experience at the moment and try to find job with their help, then move to these, in best case with financial support from employer. thanks for your post!

    DAVIS NGUYEN thanks!
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