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If anyone has taken the new 100-105 ICND1 exam, how difficult is it compared to the previous one? Are there any labs on it? Is it just multiple choice? I can't find much on it. And if you have taken it, don't stop at the questions I just asked. Please let me know what the best study materials are. I am currently doing the skillsoft e-learning course. Thanks!


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    Im currently studying for this exam.

    It consists of multiple choice and slimul;ation based questions.

    I a currently using a mixture of real lab equipment along with packet tracer, I read Odems 101-105 pressbook and put it into action on my lab.

    I am for CBT nuggets to finish the CCENT 101-105 course before I purchase a month and give it a go.

    I also have the pearson netsim for 100-101 but I do not recommend this as it has a very repetitive teaching format and can get boring after a while.

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