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The following question is for any individual that has taken the Sec + Exam!!

I am studying for the CompTIA Security + Exam!!!

I am using various testing simulators and am averaging about an 88% pass mark.

The material I am using for my study is the "SSI" "CBT home study material"

What I would like to know is!!!!

How do I know!! Or how can I be sure!!

That I am ready to take and pass the test.

I am the sort of person that is not good under test conditions and knowing this I want to make sure that when I enter the test centre I am in with a good chance of passing the test.

Is their any sites on line that I can go to that I can take a practice security test that will help me, the will tell me if I have passed or failed, will give a sheet that will tell me where my strengths and weaknesses are etc, I have been to the breainbech site but the security test on their is not free.

Can any one advise me on my question?

Great site.

Lee :Dicon_cool.gificon_lol.gif


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    Hi Lee,

    Test anxiety can be a bear and I have to admit that I still get butterflies when I sit down for an exam. The best solution for this is to overstudy. This will give you an edge that can help overcome the jitters or missed questions due to anxiety. It should also help to calm you down having the confidence of knowing that you are on top of the game.

    Free exams are usually worth about what you pay for them. Don't expect any free exam to give you the heads-up, bird's eye lowdown on the real exam (what ever that means).

    The Certiguide Security+ online study guide (it's really Tcat's Security+ Study Guide) is an excellent resource. It also has a 100 question practice exam at the end. I would not suggest that you just jump in and take the practice exam. I recommend that you give the study guide a good through read and then attempt the practice exam. I know that it helped me.

    Best of luck.
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    Lee - If you are only 88% I would suggest that you need more study. I also suggest that you may want to invest in another source for study material and another practice exam set.

    BTW - The technotes here are some of the best around
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