Virtual Lab Setup for MCSA 2012

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Hey Guys,

I am sitting for the 70-411 exam on October 22nd and I decided to re-establish a virtual lab for training purposes. Here's my current dilemma that I hope someone can shed some light on. Before when I created a virtual lab, I utilized virtual box and I would use pFSense for a virtual router to separate my home network from my lab network. Setting up the pFsense router is straight forward as I understand that it requires two NIC cards (one bridged and the other internal) so im good to go with that. I am also pretty sure I configured it correctly as it receives an IP address from my home network (WAN network for pFsense) and I setup a LAN for the lab purpose. The issue I am having is when I get everything setup in my 2012 server and give it a static IP, it doesn't reach the internet. Could this be a firewall issue perhaps? DNS? Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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    Make sure you are configuring the router to NAT the internal to the external IPs. I ran into this problem originally with my vyos setup.
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    Thanks poolmanjim. I'll give that a shot, but when I had it working before, I had to at least use Bridged for the pfsense router so that it would receive internet from my physical workstation first, then use the internal network setup of my choosing. I am going to look into the the firewall settings of my server now and maybe see if that is causing a conflict.
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