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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to take the SSCP exam in one month. I'm in the last phase of my preperation, so I would like to spend it studying as many questions as possible. Do you have any suggestions like websites, mobile applications etc?



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    There's an app on play store for SSCP from George Murphy, mock exams, practice questions and flash cards.

    Im studying for this at the moment also and I'm finding it difficult to find many resources. You could try transcender for practice exams think it's around $100.
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    I didn't like that app much as it has very limited question pool and the app itself doesn't seem professional. Other free apps are not worth your time.

    How about the PrepLogics SSCP app (named PL SSCP ISC Exam)? Has anyone experienced it?

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    I also found a limited amount of prep materials. Darril Gibson's SSCP AIO was a good start. Here's what worked for me. I downloaded the exam objectives from ISC2 and created a spreadsheet with a tab for each domain. Then I found multiple sources including Cybrary, Shon Harris' CISSP guide, CCCure practice questions, etc., for each one. Kind of created my own study program. Then I made sure that I was confident on every bullet point in every domain. I may have overprepared, but I passed the first time with an hour to spare.
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    Nice suggestions tedjames. Cybrary has nice stuff. I used Gibson's book too and also the Official Study Guide. CCCure seemts to be closed. It redirects to, which is subscription based. 1 Month $50. Do you think it is worth it?

    I also found an application called Quizlet on mobile. It has several SSCP compilations. Might be useful.
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    That's the way CCCure was for me (redirecting to I subscribed during the month before my test. It was definitely worth it. I took practice questions for everything related to SSCP including CISSP, CASP, and others. It really helped me to study above what was required for the SSCP. It made me more prepared.

    Forgot to mention, I also studied a CASP study guide. I used this one: Both CASP and SSCP are practitioner-based certifications, so this helped a lot.
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    Thanks a lot tedjames, it was very helpful.
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    I used the CASP questions, FWIW.
  • mhbmhb Member Posts: 12 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I started watching CASP on Cybrary and will buy one month subscription from

    Thanks everyone.
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