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I'm in the market for a new job. Where I currently am sucks for jobs. I have a number of years experience in many aspects of the IT world. However, I got a little comfortable in my last position and didn't pursue any IT certifications.

Now to get on it! My list of certifications that I'd like to obtain are the following:

MCSA Windows 2012
MCSE Windows 2012
CCNA Security
CCNA Wireless
Followed up with CISA.

Now, for the MCSA track, how long is a good amount of study time for each test? I have used Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 for a long time now, and I think reading/watching videos will be a good refresher for me. But I'd just like to hear from someone or many people what their study methods are like and what-not.

Thanks guys!
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    I got my MCSA 2012, MCSE: Messaging, and CCNA Wireless within last 1 year. I studied between 80 to 100 hours per exam.

    For Microsoft exams, I first outlined the exam objectives in OneNote, watched the videos to familiarize myself with the objectives and took notes on what is being asked for each objective. Then I researched the topic, mostly on TechNet articles and blogs, to get a deeper understanding of each topic. I set up a lab to practice, using both GUI and PowerShell.

    For CCNA Wireless, I watched the video series by Jerome Henry and used couple of Cisco Press books. They are available on Safari Books, if you have subscription. The OTG for CCNA Wireless is pretty horrible, so do not use it as the lone source. I purchased couple of access points from eBay and used the virtual WLC to lab.
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