Pros and Cons of Network Management

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So here’s the thing, in my new company HQ, Bldg A and Bldg B are in different network. The current set up is HQ have a Core switch, under Bldg A and Bldg B are ins separate network, every department has network via DSL connection but they’re under one company. So, I am planning to propose to connect it to a single network separated by VLANs. I’ll give my own insights of Pros and Cons of this network rehabilitation

In my Point of view the Pros are:
1. Lesser cost because DSL will be decommissioned
2. Easier network Management
3. Lesser resolution time in case there’s a problem with regards to network, unlike when you report the problem to ISP the longer process will take.
4. Increased Security option

1. Additional broadcast traffic on internal network
2. Cost of layout of fiber from other Bldg to HQ

Please add suggestions or comments on Pros and Cons


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    One big consideration is cost. DSL might suck for you as an admin, but your organization gets reliable connectivity for what I'm assuming is a reasonable cost. There is considerable cost with laying fiber, not to mention they would need to have the equipment and expertise to maintain it which will not be cheap.
    Maybe you can link them somehow at the application level, via the OS or something like Sharepoint or other collaboration software. If they already use something like this on a limited scale, it would be an easier sell to buy the licenses, etc to make this happen and possibly a few hours of outside consultant time to set it up initially, and some training for in-house people to keep things running.
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    The real selling point is what problem does this solve? Making your life easier is probably the least of reasons unfortunately. Are there current complaints this will solve? As mbarrett pointed out, are there lots of cost saving benefits?
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    I would highly suggest not to stretch VLAN's between campus networks. Is there a reason why a broadcast domain needs to be extended and that you cannot route between these networks? What business requirement are you trying to solve by doing this?
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    JoloNation wrote: »
    a single network separated by VLANs.
    I took this to mean different VLAN for each site. But that raises questions about reliability, bandwidth etc. There might be other Metropolitan-area solutions if the other sites are close enough for fiber (microwave, etc) or Service Provider MPLS stuff but it all comes down to cost in the end, and being able to sell the solution as something that's worth the time+effort to solve a problem.
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