CCNA V3 Home Lab Setup

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So I'm making a home lab setup for the CCNA V3 and I'm a little stuck I guess and would like some help. I did search before posting but couldn't find much about the new exam so excuse me if I missed something.

I have the following hardware:
(2) 3560v2
(1) 2960-S
(2) 1841
(1) 1921

What kind of WIC cards do I need to get to complete this setup? I've read a few posts about getting a WIC-2T per router, is that still a valid thing to get with the new exam? Thanks for the help.


  • NyhmesisNyhmesis Posts: 21Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Also wanted to point out that I did not buy the 2960-S or 1921, they were given to me from where I work when we did our infrastructure upgrade a couple of weeks ago, I know they are overkill and overpriced for this.
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