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Hi All,

I wish to know which book you would suggest (everybody have their own preference and all for a reason) to start preparing for CISSP.

Second question, I have Shon Harris 6th Edition with me. Now that 7th Edition is it absolutely necessary to switch to 7th Edition!

Thanking you all in advance for your response.



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    As you said, everyone has their own preference. You'll need to find a book that suits your style. The Harris book is very long and I feel it has way more information than you need. The Eric Conrad books are much more to the point. That being said, I used both. The Harris book was mainly used to strengthen my weak domains and I use it as a reference to this day.

    The 6th edition is going to be based on the 10 domain system while the 7th is 8 domains. If it were me, I would go with the 7th edition just because it's fresh and in the current exam format.
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    Sybex 7th edition is good
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    You can use Shon harris 6th edition .The extra bits you can refer 7th edition using Safari Books free email account for 10 days.
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    Thank You to All for such good response. It really helps. (Y).

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    icon_cool.gif Eric Conard and Sybex.
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    I used Eric Conrad and now going through Sybex. Sybex is good like it and the end of the chapter tests are good too.
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    i have watched all the CBTnuggets videos. i just bought the current Shon Harris book. Pretty big, might take a bit to read. Depending on how quick I get through it, might also pick up the Sybex book. Hoping to pass this on the first try.
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    Eric Conrad if you have experience in majority of the CISSP CBK domains and Sybex official guide otherwise. Use AIO as reference for areas you are weak in.
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