Mike Meyer's Lynda A+ Videos

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Has anyone checked out these videos?


I recently did in preparation for the COMPTIA A+ exam, and they seem pretty good and thorough.

Not dry as some other training videos are done, or like they are just going off a power-point. And ones like CBT-Nuggets seems too short...



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    I passed the 220-901 series(after two weeks studying) onFriday the 23rd of September with examcram books and some videos from messer and pluralsight. I took a week off and right about last Sunday, i came across Mike Meyers videos. Initially when i started preparing for the A+, i wanted to use Meyers book however it was too long. But the video seems to cover everything he talks about in the book, so I am using it to prepare for 902. I am scheduled to take it on friday October 7th, so when i take it, i'd be able to give a good review, but so far so good. He seems concise and straight to the point on what to know for the exam. Again, can't make a good review until after the exams on Friday. I'd keep you updated
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    Thanks for the reply. Let me know how you do.
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    Update as promised. Took the exam today and passed. Tbh what helped me more was the examcram book by david prowse. The videos help you learn the general concepts as pertaining to the exam but i find the book more drilled on what to expect on the exam.
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    Good job....awesome.

    But, that is what I heard. That exam cram is more concise and to the point, and not so much fluff as Mike Meyer's A+ book.

    Did you get the E-book?
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    Thank you. No i didnt get the hard copy. I got the hard copy on amazon at about $36 i think.
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    did you purchase the Exam Cram book or the Exam Cram Practice questions book?
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    Just the book. Haven't tried the practise question book
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