How to balance/prioritise pressbook, videos and labbing for CCENT/CCNA

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Hi Guys,

Im looking for help on a structured study routine.

At the minute I prioritise reading, then videos then labbing and I think im not moving forward as efficently as I would like.

I have been studying for about 3-4 weeks no and am just to start learning about NAT. I feel that reading the press book tires me out and then I end up not putting 100% into labbing.

Should I priorotise labbing over reading?
Also I try to watch videos on the train or when Im not feeling it to study I atleast watch dome videos of topics or configurations.

I am almost at the end of the routing section of the pressbook, I remember most if not all of the commands from the previous sections of the book such switching and initial configuration ect ect however after moving on to the routing section I feel I have lost/forgotten alot of knowledge on the concepts of switching and networking fundamentals.

In addtion to asking what should I prioritise, Labbing/Reading? I would also like to ask if anyone can suggest how I can keep previously learned topics current in my mind/memory whils trying to learn/grasp new topics???

Thanks alot guys,

[X] CCNP Route 300-101
[  ] CCNP Switch 300-115
[  ] CCNP T-Shoot 300-135

[  ]  NPDESI 300-550

[  ] CCIE R&S Written


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    I use to do video, book, and then lab........ Start with the video and then lab. Set a goal for the book, chapter a day, or 1 topic etc, whatever works for you.
    You have to lab until you are blue in the face.
    learn new topic, Lab new topic until you understand when and why to use it, along with the commands....Move to next topic, same process, but throw in what you learned prior and continue the same process. So each time you will be starting from scratch and rebuilding every device from the ground up.
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