Multi Layer Switch Issue

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I had completed a packet tracer which used a 2960 switch but I was then instructed to change it to a multi layer switch. I basically did everything I had done using the 2960 but as you see in the photo I attached I am unable to ping the server from any of the PC's. I notice Vlan 99 was the 2960 switch but when I changed it to the multi-layer I noticed that Vlan 99 is down. Is that the reason it wont ping and if so every command I have tried to make it up does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    try "ip routing" then default route/next hop address.
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    As per the OP, the "ip routing" command should do the trick.

    Good luck.
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    ok, I was bored so I duplicated your lab. 2 different ways to solve it. Assign the uplink from switch to router to VLAN 99 or do the "no Switchport" and assign the VLAN 99 ip address to the port. IP routing must be on the L3 switch with a default route pointing to the R1 router. R1 router doesn't know about the other VLANs on the switch so you either do static routes on R1 pointing back to the switch VLAN 99 address. You can also do OSPF or EIGRP on the L3 switch and R1.
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    It hard to tell but are you sure you set the trunk link and default route. If you could provide the PT file or the configuration from both setups it would help. A L3 switch will act the same as a L2 until you start activating the L3 features like IP routing.
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    Upload the packet tracer file dude!

    Have you got the "no switchport" on G1/1 and IP's assigned? Also a default route up to G0/1 ... need to make sure you have reachability coming back into the network as well.
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