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In January I will be taking an accelerated 16 week course to get my CCNA R/S, this is at my local community college. I have passed my Network+ exam about 5 years ago and work a little with networking at work. However I am very rusty on my Network+ knowledge. So this is my question, should I spend the rest of the year going through the Network+ study materials before taking the CCNA course in January? Or is there something else I should brush up on between now and then? Any advice on this will be appreciated.

I just don't want to get blindsided or fail because I was knot prepared for what I got myself into.

Note: I do have a Pluralsight subscription and can buy any book needed.
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    In my personal experience, learning the concepts taught in ICND1 were the biggest learning curve. It really took getting to those moments where I said, "ah ha! That's how it works!". Some people reach these moments sooner than others. To knock out CCNA in four months is very doable but, as you will hear around these parts often, you really want to (know) how this stuff works to get the most out of it.

    My two cents is this: if the course for CCNA starts in January, then I would make sure to knock out the Net+ because it will be a good warm up for the brain to get used to absorbing technical information. Most importantly, take the time to start learning how to Subnet, now! Before you get to this 16week course, you have 12 weeks starting now to learn how to Subnet in your head. Learn this and get familiar with as much as the ICND1 as possible and you should be able to hit the ground running for that course and not be overwhelmed.

    Yes, it is doable and you can do it!

    cmztech out
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    know the osi, tcp/ip models
    ipv4 addressing and subnetting and address types, unicast, broadcast, mulitcast
    ipv6 addressing and address types
    how to configure dhcp and nat
    get to know a bit about acls
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