70-698 - no cert?

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Just passed 70-698 today (barely!), and noticed that the exam had appeared on my transcript, but no certification. On checking the MCP site, it looks like only 70-697 will give you a Microsoft Specialist cert, and both together will give you a MCSA, but nothing for 698 on its own.

Anyone know if this is normal for a new exam and if it's likely to change?? I previously passed 70-680 a few years back, which was very similar to this exam in terms of topics covered, and it gave a cert on its own (previously MCTS, now MS Specialist).


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    weird.. they're probably still hashing out the titles for these
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    And congrats on the pass!! Going to do this one soon I think. What did you use to study?
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    Thanks :). Bought the booster pack with the practice exam, only other resource was the MS Press book. Was all done on a bit of a whirlwind, only bought the book a couple of weeks ago! The practice exam helped quite a lot. Passed first time so didn't need the resits in the end.

    Found this link where the comments at the bottom basically confirm that 698 won't get a cert on its own. icon_sad.gif
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    Can anyone confirm if this exam does or does not reward an MCP certification?
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    70-698 does.
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