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I've failed Sec plus twice. First 740 Second Time 618.

The worse thing that happen to me is failing the first time so close. I pretty much had the same exact test. Darril Gibson book has to be no good. i've used his gcga premium score multiple over 90% like he states and still fail. Examcompass been there and done that. it like this is a nightmare. i kill every practice test. My whole life right now is upside down. I had to get A+ for my miitary job not it sec plus. i can't get over this hump. if i don't get this third. i'm going to have to payback $10,000 of my signing bonus and switch career field to some crappy job. What am i doing wrong here? MeasureUP i tried. i've spent so much dang money. don't understand why i can't get sec plus. after the second test i felt so much better than i did the last time. end up doing worse. freaking out right now and stressing over this dumb test.

any help or tips would be great.


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    I passed the Sec+ in August. I used Darril Gibson book and its a valuable tool in passing the exam. I would recommend watching professor Messer's videos youtube and take notes. I also purchased Professor Messer's course notes as well to supplement my notes. Do a combination of video watching and re reading Gibson's book. Also print out the Sec+ Objectives page from the comptia website and make sure you know everything on that page.
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    I copy this link from someone on this forum. Is very helpful
    This is how I passed my Sec+:

    - Watch all of Professor Messers videos and make notes where I can - Professor Messer's CompTIA SY0-401 Security+ Training Course | Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses
    - Thoroughly study the notes and go over each one.
    - Use the CompTIA Sec+ objectives and mark each section as a checklist so I knew every point that could come up in the exam (this really helped):
    - Go over Darril Gibsons book if you can.
    - Use practice tests to test your knowledge (I recommend MeasureUp over ExamCompass but paid for):
    IT Certification Practice Tests and Exams | Online Courses | MeasureUp (Paid for but excellent)
    CompTIA Security+ Practice Test Questions (Free but not as detailed or structured)

    Advice for the exam:
    - SKIP the simulation questions until last. They may pop up at the very start and catch you offguard. They take the most time to complete so leave them until later (there's usually only 2 or 3).
    - Go through all multiple choice questions and answer the ones you are 100% or near confident in. Don't spend too long on a single question. If you don't know one, flag it and come back later.
    - Stick with your first answer. Usually your gut instinct choice is right first time, and when I changed my mind I got it wrong.
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    i guess i'm back to square 1.
    Going to dig in deeper.
    It just sucks because i feel like i know everything. maybe i'm just going full retard
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    Are you understanding all of the concepts completely? Is there a particular area you are weak in? Try to focus in those areas. I feel for you. I still don't know how I passed mine. After the first few questions, I had already accepted I was going to fail. Not an easy test! I used some of Messer, all of Darril's book, and some CBT nuggets. I wish I had better advice, but understanding the concepts is key. I really wish you good luck for the next attempt. Try to stay positive!
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    mwduncan09 wrote: »
    i guess i'm back to square 1.
    Going to dig in deeper.
    It just sucks because i feel like i know everything. maybe i'm just going full retard

    You considered that it may well just be nerves? and the added pressure seeing as it's a requirement. Try going in care free and relaxed. If you're settled you will be more focused.
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    mwduncan09 wrote: »
    i guess i'm back to square 1.
    Going to dig in deeper.
    It just sucks because i feel like i know everything. maybe i'm just going full retard
    Don't ever think that you are stupid or a retard if you can't pass a test. Just take a deep breath and regroup. Use Darril's book and online resources. Again and Again, and you will get it. Also, go slowly on the test and do the performance questions last.
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    I feel your pain since my score was 690. I started with the CompTIA objectives 1-5. Unfortunately, it has me jumping all over Daryil Gibson's book. Now I am going through line by line and creating flash cards for all the nit picky information.

    One I feel I have every bit of info in my head from flash cards, going to to the premium format material and retest. Professor Messer was ok, took tons of notes, but I do not think the videos were detailed enough to pass.
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