MS Exam Ref 70-410 Book

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Just wondering if the MS Exam Ref 70-410 book is worth a purchase?

Currently I using the Don Poulton MCSA Cert Guide which is amazing and to compliment this I have access to CBT Nuggets and I have purchased the Learnsmart videos via Udemy however I wanted a secondary book and seen that a lot of people had used this.

Any feedback on the book would be grateful and any alternative recommendations also.



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    I found the Exam Ref book for the 410 very helpful, but not so much for the 411. The 410 book actually had a decent combination of labs and explanation while the book for the 411 was more of a walk-through lab with little to no explanation. I didn't use the Don Poulton Cert Guide so I'm not sure if it would be helpful in addition to that or not but while I was studying for mine earlier this year I found it to be a great addition to the study materials I used. Good luck!
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    Thanks Anderson, I took the plunge and purchased it anyway along with Powershell in a month of lunches. P.s. Your post about how you studied and the resources you used was very informative also, looking forward to getting really stuck in now and passing this badboy. Thanks
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