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I currently hold a VCP5 DCV which is set to expire within 2 months. My job today is a network engineer, so I'm not touching vmware nearly as much as I was.

My two choices were let it expire or take the VCP6 delta exam. I believe I can complete this by my expiration date.

I now thought about taking the VCP6-NV exam instead, but I have no experience with NSX, so I'm not sure how long what the average time it would take to study for this exam.

Has anyone taken this exam that can give me some pointers? Maybe good resources for study as well.


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    VMware documentations and hands on lab.
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    It seems that even if my current VCP-DCV expires, since I have Cisco certifications, I can just take the foundation exam and VCP-NV exam without having to sit an official course. Only thing is that way, I lose my VCP-DCV

    Guess we'll see.
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