Which one to start with?

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I am first year CS student at a university and i am interested in pursuing career in IT related field, leaning towards security. I was researching certifications and CCNA R&S caught my eye, but the thing is, it expires after 3 years, realistically i would still be studying. What are your opinions?

Thank you!


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    Most of the well know and well respected certifications expire aftet 3 years or you need to re-certify by getting continues education credits also known as CPE's. The Microsoft certs don't really expire but they are only valid for the particular version of Windows and when a new version comes out you would have to upgrade or something similiar. If I was you, i would go for Security + and just do the CPE's to maintain it, then when you graduate go for the other certa that require a good investment in terms or money and time. In the mean time, nothing wrong with learning the material for ccna, you would just be more prepeared.
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    What TheFORCE said - the good ones ensure continued knowledge and learning. If you get something now, find out how long it's good for+continuing cert requirements so you can plan for it. The upside is that the continuing requirements aren't usually as difficult as the original (exception is stuff like ccna where you have to take the whole test again.)
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    3 years is a HUGE window considering any NA-level exam or higher will re-certify all your other CCNA's. Most of the NA-level exams are cake really. CCENT->CCNA Security easy peazy. From there you can start tackling the 4 CCNP Security exams or go down another path. This way you won't let it expire. I know you said you want to be in Security but a lot of undergrads change concentrations all the time. They key is expose yourself to as many fields as possible and who knows maybe you will fall in love with 1 of the tracks and go from there. Besides, you can never go wrong with having say, CCNA Wireless knowledge for Wireless security, etc.

    I wish I did what you are contemplating of doing and that is starting certifying in college. If you are dedicated you can come out as a CCNP on your way to the CCIE or maybe you can even do a CCIE in that time, why not? It's a much better investment of your time than say video gaming which is what a lot of people do.
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    Thank you for your insights everyone !
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    It won't take you 3 years to complete a ccna. I'd start with something like linux+, security+, cloud+. If you want networking cert, skip net+ and do ccna like you mentioned. It should be pretty easy even with full time school. I had a ccent before I left college.
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