Another "What cert next" Thread

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Howdy folks! So I've recently passed CISSP and I'm currently waiting for my endorsement to be reviewed by ISC². I'm looking for advice on where to go next.

My background:
I've been an Information Systems Technician with the US Navy since 2006. I spent my first three years managing end-to-end troubleshooting for long haul and over-the-horizon RF communications. I then spent the next four years doing everything from desktop troubleshooting to network infrastructure management for a medium sized network. This included thing such as figuring out a desktop was shutting off due to the piece of plastic between two USB ports had broken causing the motherboard to ground out; to sitting in front of a server running Windows Server 2003 for 26-hours trying to figure out why the DFS service was stopped and wouldn't start back up. I'm currently in a personnel support role for a command that provides situational awareness of the Navy and Marine Corps Intranet.

My plan is to separate from the military in 2018 and start the next chapter of my life. My ideal job would be doing something in a supervisory role where I still keep my hands on equipment. I have until April of 2017 to leverage Navy COOL to pay for exam vouchers. After that point, I plan to shift my focus to college to complete my Associates in Computer Studies from UMUC before separating (only have six classes left).

I'm not sure which direction to go in and want to try to maximize certs before I lose the advantage of getting the exams for free. My data retention is pretty high (had, at most, 20 hours of study into my CISSP) so I can work at a quick pace.
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