Network+ or MCP?

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Right now I'm ready to start studying for an exam, but which one is where i'm debating. I'm A+ certified, and I'm going to try for my MCP, MCSA, and MCSE before August.

With that path, which would be better to study for and take, my Network+ or my MCP? I'm not sure which one would look better once i'm at the MCSE level, and I dont want to invest valuable time studying for something that wont amount to much.

Any suggestions?



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    Well, the A+ and Network+ combined are accepted as a single MCSA or MCSE elective by Microsoft, so that's one good reason to go for Network+ first. Plus Network+ is for life and provides a solid foundation for the networking topics in MCSA/E.
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    Good advice. I did not pass 70-270 a month ago and part of the reason is because I didnt have my networking and security down. Now that im into net+ I can see that MS expects you to have this fundemental knowledge. Im not retrying the XP exam until I have network and security +. Both of these certifications can be used towards electives for MCSA and MCSE

    I also didnt give my best effort and ignored some advice around here. I got my A+ with a reasonable effort but the MS exam was more difficult.
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    IMHO I would go for Network+ as this will hold you in good stead for future MCSA/MCSE exams, and net+ is an elective, along with A+ for the MCSA credential.

    Net+ is vendor neutral, MCP is microsoft, however net + is a good foundation for the networking industry, and is well recognised as such, so you could start out as a Technician, Administrator user support etc with net+ and then go into the microsoft stuff after to increase your knowledge base and salay.
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