Someone mentioned a note taking app...

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Someone, on some OSCP post said they had a note-taking app which they used when they were going for their OSCP. Does anyone know what it was? I'm trying to find the post but can't. I have searched all the OSCP threads that I can see. I may have just overlooked it.


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    Mike7Mike7 Member Posts: 1,107 ■■■■□□□□□□
    From https://www.offensive-security.com/information-security-training/penetration-testing-training-kali-linux/, under "Docs"
    Lab Documentation:

    [FONT=&amp]To deal with the volume of information gathered during a penetration test, we suggest using KeepNote, a multipurpose note-taking application, to initially document all your findings. Using an application like KeepNote helps both in organizing the data digitally as well as mentally. When the penetration test is over, the interim documentation will be used to compile the full report. It doesn’t really matter which program you use for your interim documentation as long as the output is clear and easy to read.[/FONT]
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    BlackBeretBlackBeret Member Posts: 683 ■■■■■□□□□□
    Keepnote is amazing.
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    GSXR750K2GSXR750K2 Member Posts: 323 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I'm liking the look of that Keepnote app. I halfheartedly use OneNote...the organization in it is nice but the navigation is not great for quick and frequent ops, so I'm digging Keepnote's TreeView nav pane on the left just as in Outlook. Is it still under development? Thanks for the info. :)
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    rob42rob42 Member Posts: 423
    BlackBeret wrote: »
    Keepnote is amazing.

    100% agree! I've migrated my notes to KeepNote; it's simply the best 'Note App' that I've used. I'd like to see support for tables, but I'm not complaining, as I've no idea how difficult that would be to implement. On the face of it, given that the 'notes' are HTML, I would have thought that it would not be overly difficult. But, on the other hand, if it was that simple, I'm sure that it would have been done already.

    I've tried many different ways of making notes that are both easy to navigate and easy to link connected concepts; KeepNote ticks both of these boxes.
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