Should a CEH student study Linux+ first?

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I'm really bad with Linux, mainly from a lack of experience but I've started to expose myself to it a lot more as of late.

My question is, should I obtain this certification before the CEH? My ultimate goal is the CEH but after seeing a few resources, I saw that Kali Linux was a go-to platform for learning the CEH.



  • MJK9550MJK9550 Member Posts: 160
    I would suggest it, a lot of security work uses Linux. Kali is definitely the go to for anything of that sort as well, pentesting and what have you. I plan on doing the Linux+ before my CEH just to better prepare. If you plan on doing anything pentesting such as the jPPT or OSCP, you might as well start using Linux now also. I play with a few different distros and Kali regularly.
  • JinuyrJinuyr Member Posts: 251 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the tip!
  • GreaterNinjaGreaterNinja Member Posts: 271
    I would say no. Though the CHFI aligns more with linux+. The only thing you really need to do is read the material, watch the videos, and do the virtual labs 1-2 times. The labs are probably the most useful thing of CEH as they give you hands on use for many tools such as nmap, nessus, etc.
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    If all you're looking to do is get the cert, then it is not necessary. But if you want the hands-on knowledge to go with the cert, then definitely work on your Linux skills. Though you still don't need the amount of Linux knowledge as is contained in Linux+ to learn the tools that come with Kali.
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    You don't need Linux + to pass CEH. Even though the Kali Linux version is a little old, you can try Georgia Weidman's book Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking. Kali Linux is bootable, so you can run it that way or set up a virtual machine. A low cost way to set up a virtual machine is to use VirtualBox. AFAIK VirtualBox is free.

    You'll probably want to play around with Wireshark and nmap because these are commonly used tools.
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    if you are planning to work in security, I would suggest getting familiar with Linux as soon as possible. Though, it does't have be via a certification. Build some machines at home, set up file shares, set up a webserver. All of these usual things can be done at home for free. Maybe even look at the Linux+ practice exams, and go and emulate them where you can at home.
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    Glad this was asked. I have beginner level knowledge of Linux (relative to my Windows knowledge).

    I will be brushing up on my Linux with a Linux for dummies book before I start studying for the CEH next week.
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    You don't need Linux + to pass CEH.

    You'll probably want to play around with Wireshark and nmap because these are commonly used tools.

    This is quality advice. Spending time with nmap will pay much higher dividends than working with on general Linux use.
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    I passed the CEH with very little Linux knowledge. I know the absolute basics and much of it is about 15 years old. Since then, I've been 99% Windows (1% is web stuff and VM's just playing around). Getting into security, though, it's going to be needed. It's worth it to learn it when you can, though. If you have a chance to learn it while preparing for the CEH, do it. Play with Kali Linux a bit to see and play with those tools. Just get SOME exposure to it and the CLI. Nothing in depth for the CEH, really.
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    Point to note:

    If you have windows 10 professional and have the anniversary update installed, you can install bash. That gives you the comfort of Windows and some power of Linux. :)
  • OctalDumpOctalDump Member Posts: 1,722
    Linux+ is probably overkill, and likely misses some useful bits, but some familiarity with Linux is very useful.
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