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Hey guys,
I recently passed my CCNA and I am ready to start studying now for CCNP. In your experience, what were the best study materials that you used to pass all of the CCNP exams? So far I have only bought Chris Bryant's CCNP Route and CCNP Switch. I'm torn on the Cisco Press Books. Should I purchase the OCG or FLG? I've read mixed reviews on both books. Thanks!


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    If you can only buy one of the libraries, go with the FLG. Doesn't hurt to read both of them if you can afford it, then you'll have an opinion of your own too.
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    I have both the OCG and FLG books for CCNP R&S. I've read the first couple chapters in both and from what I can tell so far the FLG is more detailed and has extra information that isn't needed for the test but is good to know. The OCG is aimed more at covering what is needed to pass the exam. This is my experience so far on the Route books for both. But it's a good idea to use multiple sources to make sure you get all the information needed to pass the test. I'm reading the FLG first followed by the OCG.
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    I've just started my CCNP studies as well. Doing Switch first. I purchased Chris Bryant's Udemy CCNP course and I also purchased the OCG. I like the OCG and how it actually flows along with the sections of the Udemy Course. I'll read 2-3 chapters then watch a few Udemy videos on the same subject. Good luck!
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    Look into getting a Safari subscription if you can afford it. It will give you access to a large amount of training resources, it's a great value considering the amount of stuff (numerous books, video courses.)
    The Cisco learning network also has some good resources for free, there are additional video courses you can subscribe to...if you value the cert in your career, it shouldn't be that big a deal to spend a couple hundred bucks on training material. The money will come back to you eventually.
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