Timetable for Passing CCNP

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Hey guys,
I am curious as to how long it took most people to pass the CCNP. The ICND1 took me 2 months, while ICND2 took me almost 3 months. I've heard CCNP can actually be easier since you have a better feel for Cisco exams and the exams topics are more specific on each exam. Any truth to that and how long did it take you guys to pass? Which took longer CCNA or CCNP?


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    Well, the CCNP is 3 exams instead of 2 but if you study well for SWITCH and ROUTE, then TSHOOT is a walk in the park. Just make sure to lab extensively for ROUTE and SWITCH.

    CCNP R&S took me 9 months.
    ICND2 took me 4 months.

    I don't remember how long ICND1 took but I figure CCNP R&S still took a little bit longer.
  • Phillies8607Phillies8607 Member Posts: 83 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thank you. Yes I think labbing alot will be key for me this time
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    About 2 years for me. CCNP isn't a guaranteed certificate. It seems like a fair number of people sputter out after enough fails.
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    I did the CCNAX in two weeks.. Started studying in middle July and just read one book and the CCNP SWITCH student guide while on vacation and booked the exam in the following week.
    Since I've already studied CCNP SWITCH for CCNA exam, I spent more 2-3 weeks practising and did the exam in the same month.
    1,5 Months to study the ROUTE but when I was about to schedule, the exam changed so I felt I should practice a little bit more before trying.
    I also took a peek in the TSHOOT exam type of questions and found them easy so I practiced a little bit for that (3 days) and went for it.
    So now I back to the ROUTE study and problably will schedule in a week or two.. the last exam until I get my CCNP
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    That is extremely quick time frame. Do you work? Took me just over 6months for ccnp, 2months switch,4months route and couple of weeks for tshoot, I have been work in it for sometime, so but regardless i study to pass the exam
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    CCNA took me 8 months simply because the Cisco Netacad classes took about 8 months. It took me 5 months of self studying to get my CCNP (3 months for ROUTE, 2 months for SWITCH, didn't study for TSHOOT). It's misleading though because I actually put in a lot more hours in those 5 months studying for CCNP than the 8 months attending Netacad classes.

    I felt CCNP was easier mainly because I was more prepared for it.
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    @ Burns82

    Yes I do work. and Yes, the study is very time consuming and I don't have a life for the past months.. icon_sad.gif
    However, I work in a LAB in an ISP, so I wokr with this everyday. The problem are the little details that come out in the exam that nobody knows from heart. Thats the study I'm doing to prepare for the exam. I'll be sitting for the ROUTE exam later this week. It took a little longer than I anticipated but the exam changed and I wanted to study a little bit more.
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    Passed it today! my last CCNP R&S exam :)
    Resuming.. about 2 months for ROUTE, less than one month to SWITCH and 3 days for TSHOOT
    Going back to CCNP SPs now..
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    Congrats Eddy, you were able to do it super fast. Real world experience definitely helps. Good luck in SP.
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