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I am working on passing the CEH exam in the next week. I am using the testing material from a bootcamp (infotec) my previous company sent me to as well as skillset. Do you tjink this is enough. Also, are there a lot of simulations on the exam? How have you prepared for the simulations? Thanks.


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    I am also prepping for the CEH. I would think it really all depends on how well you know the material. I personally prefer to use books and videos in addition to practice tests. Have you looked at https://www.cybrary.it/? They have a good bit of free material to help with prep. I have not taken the exam yet but it is my understanding that it is all multiple choice.

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    visit quizlet and search for CEH
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    There aren't any real sims on the exam ... Most study books will tell you that.

    If your looking for exam prep, I think an read through on Matt Walkers book would be of use. The blueprint for the exam is pretty close to what is in the book.
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