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Hi Guys,
Hope you all have noticed a surprise offering from WGU. They have just introduced BS and MS in Data Analytics which seem to be the "HOTTEST" term in the market these days. The way MBA and IT started out, Data Science/Analytics/Big Data seems to be the way to go, especially when you have a conventional bachelor degree and are planning to proceed further by advancing to Masters.

I am currently confused on which one to go after: (1) MBA in General Business from a reputable B&M (2) MBA from WGU (3) MS in Data Analytics from WGU (4) MS in IT management

MS in IT management seems to be the easiest for studying and lines very well, but I want to be able to move up the chain. I was thinking MBA as the name with something like Data Science and Analytics will be the best of both world. So, MBA in Data Analytics seem to be the best.

Has anyone started Data Analytics with WGU yet? What do you all think about the degree plan? SQL/SAS/Statistics seem to be hugely focused.


  • TranceSoulBrotherTranceSoulBrother Member Posts: 215
    I think that a lot of these niche degrees fizzle out eventually or do not attract much attention as normally expected. You couldget the same benefit from a Coursera certificate for data analytics if they offer it. Meanwhile a general or IT MBA can be generic enough to teach a broad base and you can pile the concentrations or certifications or even experience later.
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    I honestly do not see how the MS in Data Analytics lines up. To me it seems like the worst option to be honest. Where are you seeing MBA in Data Analytics? I only see MS.

    In any case, I would go with either an MBA or an MS in IT Management. Unless you are really crazy about SQL/SAS I do not see the point of Data Analytics.
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    I'm going to agree here with Trace. Although I think there will be a continued market for Data Scientists, I don't think there is much weight in a non-mathematics degree within the industry.

    I'm finishing up my last two courses and capstone in the MBA - IT degree and would definitely recommend it to those who are interested in business and info-sec.
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    Not touching Hadoop would make me leery of this degree. Mind you, in my area, those certs would definitely get you a job if you are looking to work in healthcare. At the same time, if you are going to be a data engineer in other industries they have moved to Hadoop and are looking for those skills.
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    I know this space very well.......

    MSP-IT is right on the money there are really only two degrees that I see dominate this market. Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences. (Some times you'll see a Computer Science major transition as well). All HEAVY math degrees.

    If you struggle with math, there is no way I can fore see someone doing well in this career field.

    We recently brought in a graduate with an applied data science Masters of Arts and he was no better off than the rest of us who went through Stats 1 and 2 in our bachelors programs. (Making a generalization here my bachelors required two stats course, elementary and advanced).

    If you are just looking to fill some knowledge gaps hit up Coursera, I went through some of the data track at Duke and it was informative and only cost me 79 usd.

    Just my two cents....
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    I have loved Maths and aced it wherever i encountered it so far in my life. I am really deep into network engineering and planning to get my CCIE in a year or two but decided to get this one last degree (MS or MBA) and call schools done forever.

    MS CIA sounds very filmy, though I like CIA track but seems too techy. To climb up the ladder even in IT (Area manager/Director,) I was thinking some business and some IT helps better in ones marketabilty than just all techy. But then it all goes back to basics. Which degree will hold its value the longest, next 10-20 years?Regarding Data Analytics, it seems to be the new skillset required from business analysts/project managers.

    Did you guys also notice where MS ITM now has CAPM in project management at WGU.I dont see CAPM under MBA ITM yet, maybe they havent updated yet or they might never include it.

    So far, i have gathered that MBA is expensive, rogorous, takes longer at all universities. If that is really true, then MBA route at WGU seems to have the best value for your money/time. I have been a strictly IT person mostly, although I did take accounting, economics, marketing, management at college level credit classes but its been a decade. Never had finance. For the last 10 some years, i have strictly worked networking. You guys think MBA in ITM will still be doable in a term or two the most for a candidate like me or will i be better off in MS ITM.

    Business Analytics has MS and MBA offering under College of Technology. I am not too sure if i will like it. No Hadoop, some stats, some SAS, some sql, dont appeal much.

    I wish "WGU college of business" were AACSB. When i called WGU, they said, requirements for this accreditation conflict WGU's model. AACSB requires fee, research publications from faculty/students, enforces GMAT as mandatory, and many other things that are conflicting to WGU's policy/model.
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    Follow up to this thread.

    Just read an article that 50% of the BI jobs in the US require a Computer Science degree. I thought that was very telling. Some other tid bits

    30% of BI positions are in California or Texas.

    >80% of the BI jobs required experience working with a enterprise reporting tool, number 1 requirement by FAR (it wasn't really close). 0 experience building dashboard, 0% chance of getting a analytics position.

    You would be better off working with visualization tools, such as Power BI, really any enterprise DASHBOARD building tool.

    Thought that was interesting.

    My impression is these analytics programs are in their infancy, if you really want to hit the market hot from an educational angle it's CS, Stats or Math.

    MS in CS, Stats or Math would be fantastic for this field.
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