Creating NGN Network

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Ok I have an assignment to create NGN (Next generation Network) end to end network design.

So far I was able to create this :

Access Layer (top diagram) , Layer Overview Diagram (bottom)

Distribution Layer

What I am doing is that: for inner suburb - I am using Fiber to the node and Fiber to the premises to outer suburb and newly developed area.

Following my questions:

1) Where will be my Point of presence ?
2) Is my Point of interconnect is at right place?
3) My retail isp connect to Fiber distribution hub which provides transport to access layer for those rsp who has their own backbone.
4) How do I do QoS and Where? -- I am thinking about doing at edge routers.
5) Is there any improvement I should do @ Core layer or Distribution layer
6) I have two tiers of ISP (Tier 1 and Tier 2). How did I put in this layout?

I constructed NGN from scratch. But Now I am the point where I need help of how all it combines.

Anyone who worked for ISP or at Local exchange insights will be helpful !!!


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    I am a ISP engineer our stuff is kinda different but ill help where I can:

    1) Your POP is where ur OLTs are located
    2) Could you point out where ur POI is located on ur diagram?
    3) not quite sure what your asking here, if your referring to ISP interconnect/transport then yes many ISP interconnect here on a ODF (its like a massive switch)
    4) You do QOS on your IP/MPLS core with QOS techniques such as CBWFQ and LLQ
    5) Well to me ur core/distrib seems fine, however in the aggregation network you would have IPTV encoders/streamers along with switches that support IGMP like Cisco 4510s
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    Thank you for your reply.

    My POI is located in second image top cloud.
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    k31453 wrote: »

    Thank you for your reply.

    My POI is located in second image top cloud.

    yea your POI is good
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