What to write down on dry erase prior to exam

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Hi All,

So I'm aware that you get a dry erase pad and marker for your exam and that you should do a brain **** onto the pad before the exam.

I was wondering if anyone had any good advice or examples of what they wrote down on the pad before beginning the exam

All help is much appreciated :D


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    I didn't even touch it. You shouldn't have to do a brain **** right before the exam. If anything, I'd use it for working out some math or working your way through the OSI layers or something like that.
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    "Slow down" "think like a manager" "you are a risk advisor" "follow the process" "think longterm" "don't take action" "separation of duties" "senior management and money" "following the rules/law"...and my favorite: "How would ISC2 want me to answer this question?"
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    The exam is way to broad to try to braindump any of it but I have seen people try. How about writing the OSI layer if you can't remember the All People Seem To Need Data Processing or Pew! Dead Ninja Turtles Smell Particularly Awful! There are many variations but those were popular when I first took the exam back in the 2000s.

    Truth is there is nothing you should need to write down at this point. There are no formulas to memorize or complete. Most of the exam is actually experienced based and has nothing to do with time or people management though many folks like to fantasize that it is. Just take your time and think through the problems. Usually best answer eliminates at least two poor answers, leaving just two to contemplate. Just a process of eliminating the least favored answer before eliminating yourself.

    Its not that hard unless you make it that difficult.

    - b/eads
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    Just the first letters of the OSI model (Please Do Not Throw Salami Pizza Away)....That was mostly in case I forgot the order.

    I received a water soluble super fine black pen. Would have been disastrous for a sweaty person. I tried to write down every question number I marked for review and my justifications and eliminations for each answer. For questions where I made complete guesses, I tried not to mark those questions for review. First guess = usually best guess. At least one question had a misspelling, so I wrote it down. On other tests I also wrote down numbers for questions I thought needed to be revised.

    You don't have to write anything at the beginning. For CASP, Sec+, or something with a large amount of detail, you might need to data ****. CISSP is not that detailed. You're wasting time if you're writing down a huge amount of data ****. You might wind up rattling yourself too if you worry about not finishing your data dumping.
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    i have never written anything on those through my A+, network+, and security+. been thinking about it for the CISSP though. i'm thinking make a list of assymetric algo's. i pretty much know them off by heart but not sure how i will be when under pressure so may write those down right away. not sure what else though
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    I guess you could write down some formulas or the OSI layers.

    Personally, I never use them.
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    If you were taking an GIAC exam, I would say write away, but of course that goes into indexing your books. I really don't see a point in it for many exams. Maybe if you have trouble memorizing the OSI model or perhaps certain formulas like ALE or SLE. I would assume you wouldn't be taking the exam if didn't know this material already. The best piece of advice would be to take your time and thoroughly read the questions and answers, process of elimination is the key. You'll find that you can easily get rid of 50% of the answer choices in most questions.

    Be confident and don't overthink it. Good luck!
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    I use it as a scratch board to eliminate questions I'm unsure of. If you have A, B, C and D, and you are sure D is wrong, I'd cross D out on the whiteboard and concentrate on the others until I'm positive of my final answer.
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    I wrote an inspirational quote on mine...
    Then I wrote my name with a CISSP at the end to show me that I'm shooting for...

    Throughout the exam, I used it as a break to draw pictures and doodle smiley faces.
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    Can't think of anything.

    In the process there could be questions on risk calculations, various annual loss expentancies etc. and you may need to use the pad for formulas and values.
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    Nothing..I wrote nothing down on the white board. The only time I used it was on some of the very long winded questions just to make sure I got all the adjectives and Adverbs highlighted...

    Good Luck.
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    If you need to write something down minutes before you start then you're not in a good spot.
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    "Slow down" "think like a manager" "you are a risk advisor" "follow the process" "think longterm" "don't take action" "separation of duties" "senior management and money" "following the rules/law"...and my favorite: "How would ISC2 want me to answer this question?"

    This, and add one more that will help directly with some questions: Value human life and safety above all else.
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    I did the OSI & TCP/IP model because I was weak in that and the Crypto types because I mix up encryption/decryption R/W up or down/star, etc.. So I brain dumped those 2 things. Kelly H. from www.cybrary.it had a great way to remember the cryptos using a 90's TV show.
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