IT certs for non IT resources

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Does it make sense?

I realize there are certifications tied to almost every industry, supply chain, procurement, project management, human resource etc.....

But as far as grabbing technical certifications for analyst, managers etc who utilize the technologies? Does this make sense or is it a complete waste of time? I'm 75/25, 75 = not a good move.

Couple of moving parts here.

The lines between business and it are blurring

I enjoy tech to a certain degree

As Beads mention in another thread, keeping your marketablility up, adding another dimension to your skills could bring your value up and your salary potentially.

I'm sure there are other reasons i am leaving out. Anyway just curious if you fall in this category or have worked with resources as such.... Thanks again.


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    Not a good move. We have IT folks not recognising certs within the IT industry, so I don't think IT certifications for non IT staff would be the best use of their resources. If they need certain IT skills, then training courses/web courses can be a good solution - no need to certify really.
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    Unix you made my day.

    Thank you for posting I appreciate it.
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    Why should anyone else care? If some manager wants to sharpen their skillset in a particular area, then more power to them. It will probably help them become a more effective manager. By the same token, I've known people who as mid-career engineers obtained technical certs, then went management track later. Having the certs only serves to reinforce the technical background they are now managing. It's not a negative. Might even be a positive.
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