Passed SSCP...on to the CISSP!!

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Proud to announce that I successfully passed the SSCP exam this morning! Wish I knew what I scored and which sections I did poorly in so that I can feel validated and know where I should have studied harder...oh well.
All-in-all, it took me about 3 ½ months – in that time I had to take about 30 days off as I transitioned to both working and going to school full-time.

Resources I used:
1) I ended up using the SSCP AIO book for the last month. I accidentally did most of my reading and outlining in an old version of the Official (ISC)2 book icon_sad.gif - finally figured it out when the book said that there were some wireless standards that weren't implemented yet. I ended up next-day shipping the AIO book and hitting it as hard as I could up until exam day.
2) I've been listening to all of Kelly Handerhan's CASP, CISSP, and CCCSP free mp3s on Cybrary (I commute to college 45 minutes one-way and I needed something productive in that time) THEY MOST DEFINITELY HELPED!!
3) I made sure to review the (ISC)2 Official Study Guide and Code of Ethics.
4) I used the practice questions on the CD that came with the AIO.
I was reading through some earlier posts, and came across lucky0977’s. Had the same problem he did with choosing between a technical and a managerial solution in questions. I know taking the CISSP exam, I would have gone with managerial solutions immediately, but with the SSCP, I was mentally tore up.

Well, with that, it’s on to the CISSP!! I don’t have a timeline for myself as far as studying goes…I may take a little longer, especially considering how painful the SSCP was while studying for 5 college classes.
Resources I’m going to use:
1) I’m going to continue listening to Kelly Handerhan’s mp3s, and will probably start watching videos as well.
2) I’m using the AIO 7th Edition by Shon Harris and Fernando Maymi – I’ve searched all over and SUPPOSEDLY this is the most recent version (I’m pretty paranoid after that hiccup with the SSCP book -.-“)
3) I’m also going to pick up the (ISC)2 Official Book. I’m debating whether I should outline this one and use the AIO as supplementary reading, as I found the SSCP AIO more engaging to read than the official book; OR if I should just outline the CISSP AIO and attempt to read the official book.
4) Once I get through the books, I’ll go back and do all the chapter reviews and work on the practice questions.

So, hopefully no later than the end of Summer 2017, I’ll be writing a new post with some good news J
As always, if anybody has any suggestions or recommendations, I’m all ears!

Now, if only I could get those years of experience….

Ad astra per aspera


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