I am trying to decide between CEH iLearn and CEH "Courseware Only"

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I notice that "Courseware Only" costs roughly $300 less because

iLearn = $1899
Courseware only = $880 + $100 + 400 ( because Courseware Only does not include exam voucher )

Which one should I go for? I do not have any experience in working in the security field in the past.


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    I notice there are quite a few solid lessons on YouTube
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    Do you need the CEH specifically, or are you just looking for a penetration testing certification?

    There are other options that might be better/cheaper. eLearnSecurity has the Student Penetration Tester course with certification exam for $299, which has had good reviews as an introductory type course. It is hands on, so gives you practical experience and skills. Directly after that, you can do their Penetration Testing Professional course with exam from $899. So it is a cheaper option, and is hands on.

    After the eLearnSecurity courses you should be well prepared for the OSCP from Offensive Security.

    There's also the GPEN from GIAC. Although the exam alone is $1249. If you bundle with training (on demand, virtual class, live), then the total is ~5600-6000. It is very intense, short course, which some people prefer.

    If you do want to do the CEH, then there are some places that are like EC-Council academies, where they include courses or subjects/units within other courses that qualify you to take the CEH exam (with a discount, usually). This is probably the cheapest option, depending on where you live and availability.

    Before attempting any of these, some base level of IT knowledge is a really good idea otherwise you will have a very steep learning curve. Something like A+/Net+/Sec+ would likely be good (although include also irrelevant details), or a year or more in a systems role.
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    Thanks a lot for your response. I have made up my mind.
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