Munich Autumn 2016

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I will be starting the Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking course this month. I can't wait to experience Germany. Being that I love to travel I am going to embrace the experience. I have already bought my ticket to Paris for the day after the event to explore the world just a little more. I have probably attended every Web Cast in the past 30 days, so I am big on staying abreast of anything IT(Security). Like one presenter stated it's not a big demand for Mobile Security professionals and I totally agree. Everyone has an opinion on that though. For the most part in the security environments I've worked at they either had a random medal detector placed or scanned for wireless networks. That is not even including the baggage checks that were conducted.

I am not expecting a new job after this event but I do like to be a person of many talents. About a week ago I ordered every single OSWP preparation/suggested recommended hardware device they had on the page. After this next GIAC certification the OSWP will be next in line. I have never heard anyone say OSWP was hard.. I mean never. So I think I can knock both out in the next month or two, depending on my other obligations.

Moral of the story I'll write a review of the course, more than likely when the course is complete. I've been so tired after previous SANS training that I expect to not want to do much after class. ..but than again I am going to Germany. More to follow.


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    Mobile security is going to become more prominent as businesses increasingly become more leveraged with them. Much like wireless, I think it's a neglected area that's going to hit the security community when we don't expect it. Look at the whole FBI vs. Apple debate.

    OSWP isn't hard, but it's also a relatively short course. It's not exactly a cakewalk either.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written:
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