Lab Equipment for CCNP Switch??

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Searching through previous posts, some people recommend VIRL, GNS3's IOU L2 images, and others recommend physical equipment. I am opting to use GNS3 for the router portion of the CCNP but when I study for switc hI will be using physical equipment.

Currently, I have a 3550 and a 3560. How many more switches and which ones should I add??


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    I would highly recommend the 3560e switch. I used them for CCNP, using them now for CCIE R&S, and I will use them in my CCIE Wireless lab too. Great switch and pretty cheap if you buy used/refurbished.
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    4 switches, at least two with routing capability like the 3560. Ideally all running IOS 15.x

    This is what is used in the official lab manuals, so should be good enough for the studying generally.
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