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Do you know we can get in trouble for posts like yours? icon_mad.gif

This kind of feedback is not helping anyone.

Have you forgotten the Candidate Agreement you have agreed to when you took the exam... and not to forget the TechExams.Net Registration Agreement Terms when you signed up for this forum?

Maybe this rings a bell:

Examination Materials are the proprietary, confidential and copyrighted materials of CompTIA. Any disclosure of the contents of any CompTIA certification examination is strictly prohibited. You agree to maintain the confidentiality of all Examination Materials and you agree not to disclose, publish, reproduce, distribute, post or remove from the examination room, any portion of the Examination Materials. Violators of copyright law are subject to injunctions, civil liability, forfeiture of profits, punitive damages and other legal sanctions. CompTIA will take appropriate legal action against you to protect CompTIA's rights if you breach the provisions of this Section.

For those interested here is the full agreement at CompTIA

And here is the Conduct Policy

Please people, take these agreements seriously; most of you have actually earned and worked hard (or will) to get that little piece of paper, posting braindumps disclosing actual questions and detailed information about how many questions on which topics and information like that will make it nothing more and nothing less than a 'little piece of paper'.


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    Thanks webmaster - I know you are careful about these things, but nice to see you posting some info so they can understand.
    One thing has come to my attention and that is Microsoft has traced people from the server logs on a couple **** sites they have closed & banned them from ever holding certification again. Can't say I can disagree at all with their stance as if **** continue it devalues all the work and effort we put in to educate ourselves.
    FIM website of the year 2007
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