DHCP question

satishtechsatishtech Member Posts: 243
Does a router show excluded address's only which are
assigned to the Router itself ?Any servers within
the excluded range on the same range do not
increase the excluded address count in sh ip dhcp pool? is a router intf gw. is assigned to a server getting a static IP.
All are connected to a switch

Router#sh ip dhcp pool

Pool jedi :
Utilization mark (high/low) : 100 / 0
Subnet size (first/next) : 0 / 0
Total addresses : 254
Leased addresses : 1

Excluded addresses : 1

Pending event : none

1 subnet is currently in the pool
Current index IP address range Leased/Excluded/Total - 1 / 1 / 254

show ru

ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool jedi
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