Finally booked my CWTS exam

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I've been pussyfooting around studying for this and I decided tonight to just set a date and take the damn thing. Casually read through the Sybex CWTS book and I've watched some old videos on it. Want to get the CWNA next so gotta walk before I can run, right? I'm scheduled for November 18th so I've got a month to get myself in gear and study. We'll see how it goes, I suppose.

I do see that they're starting to position this as a sales or basic help desk cert now via their website and marketing materials but the Sybex book doesn't feel anything like that with the amount of material covered.


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    Nice! Keep us posted on your results etc.

    A friend of mine I actually convinced to take this certification. He is in the com's industry so something vendor neutral was a must. I wouldn't say it got him promote but it did buy him a little clout with the RF engineers.

    I can tell you this much, it really complements his Bachelors and Masters (One is a IT discipline the other International Business).
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