Europe has its own EC-Council?

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I came across this institute and was curious. They seem to offer a way for getting a cert without going broke.

What do you guys think? Sounds pretty legit.
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    It's "the world’s leading institute for highly qualified Security & Continuity certification titles" so you can't go wrong!

    Being real now - never heard of them in the US. Sample exam questions for Ethical Hacking Foundation Exam don't look too bad for entry-level "hacking" things.

    Can't be of more help than that, sorry!
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    EC-Council started in India later moving operations to the US. I'd hardly say they have improved, though marginally, over the years so its not a hard bar to clear.

    - b/eads
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    @beads Thought it was Malaysia. I think there's still a lot of EC Council in Malaysia. My C|EH certificate package included USA in my address. If EC Council mailed it from an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, why add USA to my address? Arizona's been a state for > 100 years now.
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    The website seems legit, it looks like a spinoff from which is a Netherlands based training corporation. was registered early 2016, so there is little to none feedback on the quality of their courseware and no recognition of their "S-<something>" certification track.
    Their marketing scope seems very targeted towards Netherlands / Belgium zone, so zero mentions outside of that would not be surprising.

    It's worth noticing that you can take their exams online from your home, if you agree to install some crapware on your computer:

    The exam will be taken with special proctor software. To allow the webcam and audio to record during the exam you have to install software that monitors your activities, communicates with the SSI server.

    Your exam will be recorded through your webcam and microphone. The recordings will be reviewed by multiple proctors after you’ve completed the exam. The proctors will check if you complied with all the requirements for this type of examination.

    Oh and as a side note, EC-Council itself already has significant presence in Europe, you will find several Authorized Training Centers in most countries, so I can hardly think of SECO as a challenger (as of now).

    Just my two (euro)cents.
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