Is CBK Enough as a Study Material ??

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Hi Guys,

I was reading through lot of post/response in this forum lately. Most of them suggesting an additional book along with CBK.

Hence I was wondering if CBK is not enough to pass CISSP Exam. Your observation/experience/advice will be really helpful. Thanks.

(Going through question bank or sample practice question is kind of disjoint topic from this one as the question is more on upgrading knowledge base first then taking the test :))



  • kshahinkshahin Member Posts: 22 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Definitely NOT.
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    CBK is a good way of organizing the material, especially since ISC2 presents the material organized in the same way. But you will get a much better grasp & knowledge of the topics with additional study materials. I wouldn't want to take the test with just the CBK :)
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    I found the Shon Harris and Eric Conrad material more useful than the CBK.
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    E Double U wrote: »
    I found the Shon Harris and Eric Conrad material more useful than the CBK.

    Thanks a lot for the response.

    I have the Shon Harris 6th Edition. Will you suggest going with 7th edition? (I was seeing not much of difference in content, may be reordering of content. But that's my opinion so far)

  • mudflapsmudflaps Member Posts: 75 ■■□□□□□□□□
    CBK was my primary source for passing both the SSCP and CISSP. I would add in CCCure tester and you should be good to go. Shon Harris was a great book if you want to know every detail about everything. I did also read the whole Shon Harris book, but a long while before I took the CISSP (years before).
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    I took the CISSP exam in August 2016. I used the following:

    CISSP official Study Guide - I was only able to read up to chapter 3, kept falling asleep or just becoming bored. Then focused my efforts on Chapter 6 and 7 for a few days. Even this book I found to be worthless.

    FEDVTE - Not relevant at all, watched all videos, but for the exam it is worthless.

    Cybrary - Did not find it helpful - too high of an overview, you can find the same stuff on Wikipedia.

    The CISSP exam is about how to do it. it is not a manager's exam. it is an implementation exam.

    The above resources all give an extremely high level overview of the topics, but miss the actual application of the concepts.

    Granted I have over 20 years in the DoD, and I only did a small refresher every day for about 1 week. I figured that either I know it or I don't.

    A colleague of mine scheduled out 6 months. I told him to just take it instead of waiting. He did and passed.

    I will say that if English is not your first language then you may have an issue. Many of the double negatives and the leading of the questions is prevalent.

    My advice to anyone is this:

    Schedule the exam and take it immediately. Don't waste your time trying to memorize something. Either you know it or you don't, studying a concept versus actually implementing it are two different things.

    If you read the threads here you will see that many people study for months and still fail. That is because they have never really implemented the concepts.
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    I only used and passed. It did take me two attempts but I got to a 100% readiness score and I passed after studying a month. I wouldn't recommend this way but it worked for me.
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