Server+ Value?

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Hi guys,

I have been thinking on and off about getting some study material and passing the Server+ exam. I was just wondering if any of those who have taken the exam and became Server+ certified had to do it as a requirement from their employer at all?

and secondly, did they get any kind of reward for passing it - such as a pay increase or promotion, etc.

Thanks in advance :)


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    One word: NONE.

    Waste of money in my opinion. I bought the book for 10$ and at the point of my career when I took it I did learn some stuff so the 10$ was worth it but I wouldn't pay for the exam.
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    I have to agree with JasminLandry...not much of any real value to it. When I got it, CompTIA conducted a beta test of online proctoring via ProctorU. If it hadn't been $50, I wouldn't have taken it.

    No increase in income nor has anyone asked for it/about it.
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    Take it, if you work on servers, it will only reinforce your knowledge...It may help get you another system admin job with more pay.

    I don't think it is wasted cert, it wasn't an easy exam IMO.

    I haven't worked for a company that gave raises for gaining a certification either.
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    There are companies and positions that require it (I believe there has been mention of HP and IBM positions. Information is on the forum if you search). It also has a good base of knowledge that I'd want any admin I hired to know. Besides, I worked hard on some of those questions, I want people to take it! ;)
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    I think i will factor this cert into my list at some point even if it doesn't really offer any monetary value. if for no other reason it would give me personal validation on basic server knowledge.

    I live and work in Northern Canada, and up here IT companies have slim pickings for IT staff to employ - I was fortunate in that respect as i handed in a resume and basically said "i build and maintain PC's for my friends and family - i love this stuff, give me a job". And sure enough, they did.

    as a result i do wonder if i have any significant gaps in my knowledge of the IT fundamentals. passing this would give me a bit more confidence to go chasing those better paid jobs :)

    I appreciate all of your responses. Thank you :)
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    If you ever go to work with Amazon at their datacenters, they require it within 6 months. It's good knowledge to have, though.
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    According to Robert Half's survey of certs in demand, server+ is on the list "Among those skills that saw premium pay increases of 25-50 percent"
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    I took Server+ when it first came out over a decade ago. While I've not had an employer necessarily "razzle dazzled" by any of my certs, much less the Server+, I have always been glad I took the exam. While certs can be helpful to prove to an employer that one is trying to keep his/her skillset strong: always reviewing, always learning new stuff, I took it because aiming for an end goal, whether a grade in a class or passing an exam, helps keep me focused on studying and learning. I'm not one who would simply pick up a book on server technologies and stay focused reading it through unless I have an end grade or cert. So, for me many times I've taken a CompTIA cert test - or any other exam - not only to learn or review, but so I'd stay focused on that goal. And I do think having certs, as well as additional education, on a resume can certainly help at least get your resume more consideration in most cases. So, the cert as proof is great, but the terminology, or technology, or anything else I've learned for an exam has made me better at what I do, which has made me valuable amongst my peers, and has, no doubt, led to other opportunities.
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    Server+ and Cloud+ together are valued for knowledge for knowledge sake. I think this might be the case for most CompTIA certs post Help Desk.
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    Aside from the A+ and Network+ for those new to the field, I don't really recommend any CompTIA certs. Security+ if you plan on working for the government would be about it. Passing score for Linux+ was so low that it was kind of a joke, and I learned nothing from the Project+. I passed the Security+ without a second of studying (and no, I did not ****). The knowledge learned was an introduction into a topic is the only value from a CompTIA cert to be honest. If you knew nothing about Servers but had plans for the MCSE one day, it might make sense to study for it (and take it since why not) but if you had some familiarity with servers, it would just make sense to skip it in my opinion. Unless of course the jobs you are looking at ask for it, then it would make sense just to take it. I cannot speak about that though. I see jobs mentioning the CCDA so I took it, but in hindsight it wasn't interesting and most of the stuff a good network engineer is already aware of.
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    Server+ can be used as an OS cert in certain scenarios for DoD work. So it does have some value in that regard, but it is fairly minimal. I would recommend a Microsoft cert over Server+ for an OS requirement though, because it will cover the same mandate, but have more benefit down the line.
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    hurricane1091, it's great if you are able to get through one, or more, of the CompTIA certs easily. When someone passes easily because they already know the material having the certificate still is paperwork to validate the skills one already has - one purpose of a certification. Most of CompTIAs certs are foundational and base level, so not necessarily as difficult as CCNA or CCDA, so I would expect someone who works in IT security full time for years to more easily pass.

    Personally, when I've been involved hiring someone, I want to see tech school certs, industry certs, or college degrees to help show me the person has some skills, and the more of those things on a resume the better. If they took the tests easily that's all the more. If someone comes to an interview and tells me they know security, and successfully answers my tech questions, I'm more confident of their overall skillset the more education and experience they can prove. I expect a seasoned tech or admin to have some CompTIA certs in their history.....and I expect an experienced tech could waltz in and take A+, N+, and Security+ without much study time, but sadly, and in reality, I work with too many techs and admins who simply would not be able to sit for even a CompTIA exam (not people hired by me, I'll note). Having those certs already proves to me someone more likely has some skills.

    Now if someone doesn't have much cash in hand, yes they may consider skipping a CompTIA cert in favor of something more advanced, but if someone has the cash and the time, even if they are already an expert, having some more certs can help get the resume looked at. To me the more training you can prove the better off your resume will at least not be tossed from the stack.
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    The value to a cert is always more than zero, let us keep that in mind. There will never be a downside to passing a cert. In terms of time + money spent, debate can then occur. If an employer is paying for something though, take whatever they are willing to pay for! Everything is always circumstantial. The A+ and Network+ I believe aided me in quest of employment in the past, so no regrets. If it can help lead to a job, definitely do it.
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    I am working for a service center and Server+ is almost mandatory for all Partner Certification like Lenovo and HPE for warranty repair.
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    I understand that this is an old thread that someone bumped, but I wanted to add that not only did I learn quite a but when I studied for my Server+ exam, but I believe it also transferred as credit into WGU. I'm not sure if that still holds true today, but I got quite a bit of mileage out of mine.
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