How much programming should I know to pass CSA ?

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I just go the AWS CSA official study guide from Amazon and in the intro under the exam objective the below requirement in bold from many got my attention:

"I general the candidate should have :

In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language."

I suck at programming and I've not gone through the book yet but how much programming does one need work with AWS?

Which track requires the most programming knowledge ?

Thank you


  • Kinet1cKinet1c Member Posts: 604 ■■■■□□□□□□
    If it's the associate level then none, I just passed recently and while I can script in bash there were no programming/scripting questions on the exam.
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    Don't worry. I passed both SA - Associate and SysOps exam without knowledge about programming.
    It's not that i never learned any programming before. In fact, i used to learn Python and C# in the past but i can say that at the moment i'm writing this comment, i can't use Python or C# to write any simple code except for printing hello.
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    No need to know programming for the exam but my experience from several interviews. Companies are expecting you to know programming if you are looking for an AWS position. Think of AWS as a method to build applications with minimal interaction from IT, because they can code the infrastructure. So even though there is networking and other infrastructure related features, those become secondary wants compared to programming.

    If you still want to work in AWS but not be a developer/programmer, then the next step is to learn Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Salt/vagrant, GitHub, Slack, Jenkins and other Configuration management, and CI/CD tools. Instead of building servers individually I have Cloudformation templates, that are hosted in Github, then I push config's from CodeDeploy which are then managed with Opsworks.
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    Yea I was pretty much going to ask a similar question. I was thinking of maybe studying some basic Python scripting or something like that. I kind of get the feeling that if you learn some good management tools that work with AWS you can get a lot of work. I have talked to recruiters and they always mentions stuff like Puppet, Docker to go along with AWS. Of course if you are a programmer that's good too but a lot of people working with AWS aren't programmers they just know the right tools to use that go along with AWS CSA. Just my view on it. Good luck.
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