Passed CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103

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Last Friday I passed LX0-103. My score was 590 - not so good, but I'm happy I passed.

I was worried because I'm not a native English speaker and I don't work in IT. I love Linux and I wanted to check my knowledge.

I've been using Linux for 13-14 years. My first OS on my home desktop PC is Arch Linux, and the second is Ubuntu. On my daughter's laptop is installed Ubuntu. I only work in Linux at home for many years. I manage a VPS with Ubuntu too. But all is at enthusiast and amateur level.

For this exam I used CompTIA Linux + Third edition by Chistine Bresnahan and Richard Blum; I used, of course, my previous knowledge.

The exam had 7-8 fill in blanks.

Not a very hard exam, but it was a memory test more than real Linux knowledge - too many options which had to be learned; in real world, we use man very much, right?

Today I started to learn for LX0-104, but I won't have too much time, so I'll be happy if I manage to take the exam in February.


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    Cheers! Woohoo!
    2019 goals -> CySA+ (b4 end of 2019)
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