ISSMP country neutral?

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When I took CISSP, I did an (ISC)2 boot camp right when they changed from ten to eight domains and our instructor noted (ICS)2 was getting away from country specific regulations and guidelines like NIST, HIPAA and that sort of thing. On the exam, I do not recall seeing anything like that either.

Now I'm studying for ISSMP and in the green book is a ton of country specific regulations and guidelines. Anyone who's taken the exam in the last year or so, was it country neutral or do I have to study UK laws and regulations to successfully pass in the United States?

Thanks in advance.


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    I took it at Pearson Vue in Mexico middle 2016 and there isn't anything about mexican legislation in the book nor in the exam. So I'd suggest you read the whole CBK because I guess the exam question bank is the same all over the world.

    I read first the ISACA CISM book because I had it scheduled and then the following month just skimmed the CBK, I actually think the CISM book helped me more to grasp the concepts.
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    TankerTTankerT Member Posts: 132
    It is country neutral. (I just took the exam this morning.)
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