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Hey guys, first time posting (as you can see).
Well, I'm finishing my AS degree on Networking Services Technology on May 06, so to speed up the job hunt, I'm taking Certs now to graduate with more chances to get a job quicker (since I don't have professional experience).
I already have A+ and was thinking about Net+ right away. I'm on my fourth semester of CISCO-CCNA (which will be my next cert) and have been studying networking for about 3 years.
I also am a Adminitrator of and Moderator of the Security Forums there, which gives a good understanding of networking. Also a Moderator at (not relevant to the cert though).
Anyway, I've been doing some questions and answers and getting around 80-ish. Is that enough to pass Net+?
I've never read a study guide, I'm just doing the questions from what I've learned.
Thanks in advanced.
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    I found that comptia exams go pretty indepth into trivial details. Make sure you know the OSI model inside and out... ie. what happens at what level and where devices operate... easy marks.

    I studied cabling specs but don't think it was alot of questions (too long ago)

    You'll wanna read a book before the test for sure.
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    Check the exam objectives and see how comfortable you are with the different subjects
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    Thanks guys.
    I've downloaded Cram Session Study Guide. I will go through and see if I need to harder any skill.
    I know the OSI pretty well (gotta know when studying cisco). My problem I believe is the standards such as: cable lenght and speed.
    I will take the test next week and then will let everyone know how it went.

    Thanks again.
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    Do you really want to leave it up to a crap shoot? Why not make the effort and go into the testing center fully prepared? Do you approach your degree studies in the same way?

    I don't understand your philosophy towards knowledge.
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  • gabrielbtoledogabrielbtoledo Member Posts: 217
    Hmm, I didn't really understand your input.
    I didn't say I wasn't ready. I check the exam objectives and I'm pretty confident that I can do well, except for the topologies and standards, which I will study more.
    I've studied the basics of networking for quite awhile already, now I'm doing test questions from different sites to get used to the questions on the test and I should be ready in a few days for the test. Ahhh also I mentioned about the Cram Session I'm reading.

    Thanks again.
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  • gabrielbtoledogabrielbtoledo Member Posts: 217
    I passed Network+ Exam today. I'm very happy.
    Thanks for all the help (Study Guides, Practice Questions, Forums).

    Materials used:
    Network+ CramSession Study Guide.
    Techexams Study Guide, Practice Questions

    Now off to Windows Server 2003.
    A+ Certified - Network+ - MCP (70-290)
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