UK Exam Locations for December 2016

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I know these aren't formally confirmed until nearer the time, but I'm guessing they are pretty much the same every sitting, so would anyone care to share details of the venues other than simply Manchester, London, Birmingham and Edinburgh?

I intend sitting the exams in December (and yes I know I'm leaving it late). Wherever I sit them I will have to travel.

I need to decide whether to drive or go by train and one of the main factors is the location of the venue. If I can travel by train, find a nearby hotel close to the exam venue that would be great. Failing that if I can drive somewhere then get myself to the venue without risking being stuck in traffic looking for a parking space in a busy city centre I can do that.

However, registration requires me to decide where I will be sitting the exam now, whereas I feel I do not have enough information.

Therefore, I'm posting this in the hope that someone can share venue details for one or more of the UK exam centres. Both to help me and assist anyone else in the future with the same question.

Thanks in advance.


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    You don't find out the exact location until a few weeks out. They hire a location based on the number of registered exam takers. So, there is no way to know exactly where it will be when you register, other then a general city.
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    For the last year or so the London location has been London Met Uni.
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